Impact measurement

transition and adaptation to climate change


We can support you in carrying out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on your products, or on an organization-wide scale. This multi-criteria approach provides a global understanding of your various impacts, notably on human health, ecosystem quality, climate change and resource depletion. Product LCA can be used to identify hot spots in the life cycle, to compare products in order to choose the one with the lowest impact, or to communicate environmental performance to the consumer. We can help you produce an Environmental Product Declaration.
In the case of an organizational LCA, the aim is to gain an overall view of the impacts of your activities. This type of analysis fits in very well with strategic planning for sustainable development and low-carbon transition.
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), eco-design
Our experts will guide you through the lifecycle analysis process:
Lifecycle analysis framework

Aims and scope of the study

Define the objectives of the study (improvement, comparison...) and its context (target audience), the system under study and the hypotheses.


Identify the data needed for the study and their sources. Support teams in data collection.

Impact assessment

Quantify the potential environmental impacts associated with products or the organization, with several calculation methodologies.


Analyze data quality and the influence of assumptions on results. Identify eco-design opportunities and quantify the impacts avoided thanks to these improvements.


Support the implementation of reduction measures. Integrate the study with a more global strategic reflection. Assist with the drafting of an Environmental Product Declaration.

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