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Stakeholder engagement

All organizations depend on a multitude of stakeholders. Understanding your social ecosystem and seizing the opportunities it presents are essential skills for standing out in a changing world.

Today, ESG requirements call for proactive approaches to structured stakeholder engagement and consultation. Materiality analysis, public participation approach, partnership, cultural recognition, assessment of ethical issues in the value chain, social acceptability of projects, etc.

Step by step, our team will support you and help you implement tools to manage your stakeholder issues. Our partner, Écoprocessus, has developed a simple approach designed to put you in action and develop your strategic relationships.

Because an organization's stakeholders are strategic, a methodical approach and the right tools can turn them into proactive players in the value chain. To help you achieve your vision, or that of a sector or region, Ellio and Ecoprocessus support you in a process of collaboration and commitment with your stakeholders.
Ellio and Ecoprocessus will guide you through the following steps to help you implement the tools you need to manage your stakeholder issues:

Identify the stakeholders in your ecosystem


Understand the strategic issues and risks associated with your project


Survey and consult targeted stakeholders and interest groups


Understanding stakeholders and assessing their influence


Develop and deploy public participation initiatives to optimize project integration


Identify opportunities for stakeholder involvement in achieving your vision or that of a sector or territory


Enhance projects with stakeholder expertise, collaborate and create partnerships


Monitor stakeholder management performance indicators

In collaboration with our partner Marie Rousseau from Écoprocessus.

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