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Responsible and sustainable tourism (TRD)

Responsible and sustainable tourism (RST) has become a must in Quebec in order to align its activities with the issues that are reconfiguring the world and adapt to the transformations brought about by climate change.

New expectations on the part of visitors in search of meaning, coherence and reconnection, commitment to the territory in order to participate collectively in the ecological transition and garner the support and acceptance of its ecosystem, preservation of its natural environment whose fundamental riches often form the heart of tourist attractions, maintenance and development of an art of living and local cultures and traditions, reconfiguration of tourist periods and climatic conditions disrupting usual activities... are all reasons to take the time to rethink one's activities in order to adapt them to current realities and guarantee their sustainability.

Our experts work alongside regional and sectoral tourism associations, as well as numerous tourism organizations, giving us in-depth knowledge of the industry and a cross-disciplinary vision of the shared benefits of collaboration between players involved in the same ecosystem.
Ellio supports you in the process of integrating these new TRD issues into your strategic planning (destination, sector, organization) and its implementation, and guides you through the following stages:


Develop a common language on TRD concepts, the impact on your organization and your area of influence

Situation portrait

Draw up a situational portrait and assess your organization's maturity with regard to economic, social, environmental and governance issues by consulting your internal and external stakeholders.

Vision and purpose

Develop a vision of success and define the organization's inspiring, attractive and mobilizing purpose .


Reflect on the vision and business model for impact


Prioritize strategic objectives

Strategic framework

Adopt the strategic framework

Action plan

Drawing up an action plan

Implementation and communication

Launch the first projects and secure the support and participation of stakeholders
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