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Biosphere: commitment process and certification

Our partnership with Biosphere - Canada has proven its worth!
More than just an individual tourism certification, our support for Biosphere cohorts will enable you to set up genuine, dynamic ecosystems of commitment in your territory or area of intervention.
Sharing best practices, pooling resources, a collaborative spirit, creating collective offerings, ecosystem dynamics... these are just some of the successes you can aim for through our support services.

Defining your needs

No two organizations are alike, which is why the Biosphere project is tailored to your needs, resources and ambitions.

Setting up support for the Biosphere cohort

We provide our own cohort support, or accompany your organization and your experts in adopting the tools and process.

Learning from experience

We take advantage of the lessons learned from the cohorts we support, to draw out the best practices and lessons learned, and energize your ecosystem towards engagement.
Biosphere certification
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