it's a core group of collaborators who bring our mission to life every day

A multi-disciplinary and multi-ethnic team from different backgrounds, with a wealth of varied and complementary experiences. We are united by shared values and by the conviction that everyone has the capacity to initiate sustainable change.

Portrait Esther Dormagen Ellio

Esther Dormagen, CHRP

Creator of links with value-added, whether of concepts, ideas or people, Esther works with teams of managers to help them develop business models and management practices that create more value for society and the planet.

In her first career, she held several positions in management and talent development, particularly at L'Oréal in Europe and in consulting firms. Then, 18 years ago, she decided to devote herself entirely to the transition of organizations towards sustainable development. Deeply involved in the subject in Quebec, she is also forging links with Europe and the rest of Canada.

With an MBA from McGill University, she is also a CHRP.

Portrait Brenda Plant

Brenda Plant

Creator of shared value par excellence, Brenda has been helping corporate executives, pension fund managers, financial service providers and charitable foundations to achieve their goals in the areas of responsible and impact investment since 2001. In addition to Ellio, Brenda has founded four recognized social firms in Quebec: Cataléthique, ethiquette.ca, ethipedia.net and UMAMIZE flavourful insects / Tottem nutrition.

Sandra Arce

Sandra Arce

Sandra began her career in urban biodiversity conservation research. For the past 10 years, she has been working as a sustainable development consultant for organizations, particularly municipalities and SMEs. She has developed a passion for situations that are complex and varied in content and covered issues, enabling her to adapt to different interlocutors and develop a keen sense of planning and organization.

Portrait Xavier Lecorgne

Xavier Lecorgne

Xavier has been helping companies with their organizational transformation for 7 years. Convinced that each individual has the capacity to initiate a dynamic of sustainable change, now he works with organizations keen to generate positive social and environmental impacts. He is also involved with a number of NPOs on circular economy and food waste initiatives, he enjoys contributing to build bridges between individuals and organizations that may not know each other, but have much to bring to each other.

Portrait Anne Lautier

Anne Lautier

Since 2010, Anne has specialized in life cycle management, with the aim of helping companies and organizations make decisions and prioritize their actions according to their own opportunities for improvement. Anne has carried out over thirty life cycle analyses in recent years. Her systemic vision enables her to provide concrete solutions.

Eduardo Firak Ellio Portrait

Eduardo Firak

A specialist in sustainable development, communication, commitment and team coaching, Eduardo's work involves the design, coordination and evaluation of social responsibility (CSR) programs and sustainable development projects.With 20 years' extensive multicultural experience and a high-caliber analytical background, his greatest asset is his ability to quickly understand the needs of complex organizations in order to improve expected results.

Oceane Barth Ellio

Océane Barth

Océane has been working in sustainable development and the environmental sector for 10 years. Trained as a biologist, then with a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences from UQAM, she has specialized within various organizations in areas such as waste management, food waste and urban greening.
Drawing on her experience, Océane took the entrepreneurial route by opening her own ecological and zero-waste grocery store. She enjoys guiding individuals and organizations towards the implementation of sustainable practices by listening to stakeholders, mobilizing them and ensuring effective operational management.

Veronique Levy Ellio

Véronique Lévy

With an MBA and a wealth of experience, ranging from setting up an organic farming business to fair trade and teaching at college and university, Véronique has founded and run a strategic CSR and responsible communications consultancy in France since 2009.
She has worked with over a hundred companies of all sizes and in all sectors, designing and implementing innovative collective programs to boost the responsible commitment of all economic players in a given region. Author of the 1st study in France on the ROI of CSR (2013), she has also designed expert software tools to help companies integrate their commitment approach in a holistic way.
Véronique is passionate about regeneration.

Portrait Nelly Drouet

Nelly Drouet

A newcomer to Ellio, Nelly has taken up her studies in international cooperation and solidarity and ecology at the same time. For several years, concerned about the future of the planet, and looking for a way to help improve organizational practices, she has put her patience, transparency and networking at the heart of her work.
Prior to joining Ellio, Nelly was responsible for coordinating business development at the Chambre de commerce de l'Est de Montréal, as well as communications and member mobilization at La Table de Quartier d'Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, which enabled her to evolve in a variety of challenging environments. Passionate about theater, photography, ecology and travel, Nelly always observes the world around her with an eye of wonder.

Portrait Joffrey Clement Ellio

Joffrey Clément

With a degree in project management and after several years as a project manager in the digital sector, Joffrey has put his skills to work for a cause that is dear to him: the ecological and fair transition of our society. Today, he accompanies companies with the aim of giving them all the necessary means to adapt to these challenges and to be proactive in ensuring a future where life is good. He is convinced that people are at the heart of action, and that raising awareness of sustainable development issues is a key factor. He is therefore involved in a number of organizations working in this direction.

... it's also the business partners with whom we have the pleasure of collaborating to better support our clients and who bring ellio's mission to life on a daily basis. 

Portrait Marie Rousseu

Marie Rousseau, ING

Marie has over 20 years' experience in environmental management, sustainable development and social responsibility. She has a particular interest in putting people at the heart of processes, and encourages internal and external participative practices to generate greater value and commitment throughout a company's supply chain.

We first met Marie when she was helping organizations with their environmental challenges. When she decided to focus on the area of expertise she's passionate about today, stakeholder engagement, it was once again a natural progression for us to continue working together to bring the best of our combined skills to our clients clients.

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Portrait Mayse St-Pierre

Maryse St-Denis

Maryse is passionate about human development and organizational evolution. As an ACC-certified coach and organizational development consultant, she accompanies leaders who want to be inspired and inspiring, and who aim to create a high-performance, responsible organization by adopting participative management methods that foster the autonomy and commitment of individuals and teams.

With her approach focused on individual development and her experience in organizational transformation, Maryse fits in perfectly with Ellio's mission, while complementing our offering with her talents as a coach and teacher.

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Stefany Chevalier Maxime Baril

Stéfany Chevalier
& Maxime Baril

Stéfany and Maxime co-founded Quintus, a communications agency whose mission is to facilitate the transition to responsible living. The agency offers services to organizations that are agents of change, to put forward a true, transparent and truly relevant discourse that has a positive impact on society and the environment.

We've been working hand in hand with the Quintus team for several years, whether for our own communications, or to support clients who wish to develop responsible communications.

Quintus logo
Isabelle Salmon Numero 7

Isabelle Salmon

Isabelle has 25 years' experience as a graphic designer specializing in the creation and artistic direction of projects in a wide range of publishing fields, and has many strings to her bow: graphic design and production for magazines, photo productions, books, sales brochures, advertising, logos, corporate identities, reports, keynote and powerpoint presentations...

Isabelle is a long-standing Ellio partner, and proves with every collaboration just how essential form is to highlight substance. Her experience and skills are an invaluable asset when we need to produce polished presentations or public documents.

Numero 7 logo
Meggie Savard

Meggie Savard

Meggie Savard founded Culturessor, a consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for the cultural sector. Alongside her collaborators, she helps organizations find sustainable solutions to their growth, outreach and funding challenges. Meggie comes from the museum world, where she worked for over 10 years. She has worked in the fields of education, conservation, exhibition design and business development.

We have the pleasure of working with Meggie Savard on our cultural mandates, when sector expertise complements our own and creates value for our clients clients.

culturessor logo
Ibis LeGuen

Iblis Le Guen

Founder of ma petite boîte verte, Iblis has been supporting municipalities for over 14 years in implementing their projects, plans, programs and policies for ecological transition, while respecting the needs of the community, its inhabitants and the environment. It generates, reveals and accelerates change and the transition of territories through the ideation, design, planning, management and monitoring of their projects.

Iblis provides us with its expertise and insight, adding to the skills of our teams when we work with clients in the public and semi-public sectors.

ma petite boite verte logo
Martin Merlino

Martin Merlino

A "coach for brands and those who bring them to life", Martin is on a crusade towards a destination that makes him proud: that of offering his insights and skills to leaders who are committed to rehumanizing their growth through their way of being and doing. With over 25 years' experience in positioning, communications and marketing strategy, Martin is passionate about helping companies reinvent themselves and unleash the energy of their people.

We've been working with Martin for many years, with confidence and authenticity. He adds a touch of magic by capturing people's ambitions and putting into words inspiring brand positioning and coherent business strategies.

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